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Diagram: Eastern Gate of Jerusalem

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    Diagram: Judge's Platform
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    Diagram: Middle Eastern World
    Diagram: Modern Jerusalem from the South
    Diagram: Mount Hermon
    Diagram: Mount of Olives
    Diagram: Mount Sedom
    Diagram: Mud-Brick Gate in Tel of Dan
    Diagram: New City
    Diagram: New Testament Chronology
    Diagram: Northern Edge of the Wilderness
    Diagram: Oasis of Jericho
    Diagram: Olive Farming
    Diagram: Olive Press
    Diagram: Olive Presses
    Diagram: Philistine Armor
    Diagram: Plain of Gennesaret
    Diagrams: Promised Land
    Diagram: Remains of Susita
    Diagram: Road to Jerusalem
    Diagram: Roman Columns at Beth Shean
    Diagram: Ruins of Herod's Dream
    Diagram: Ruins of the Harbor
    Diagram: Scenes from Caesarea Philippi
    Diagram: Scenes from Caesarea
    Diagram: Scenes from Hammat Gader
    Diagram: Sea
    Diagram: Shephelah
    Diagram: Solomon's Gate at Gezer
    Diagram: Southern Stairs
    Diagram: Susita
    Diagram: Tel Azekah
    Diagram: Tel Beth Shean
    Diagram: Tel Lachish
    Diagram: Temple
    Diagram: A Broken Cistern
    Diagram: Aerial View of Capernaum
    Diagram: A Galilean Family Room
    Diagram: A Galilean Kitchen
    Diagram: A Galilean Synagogue
    Diagram: An Essene Cistern
    Diagram: A Wadi in the Negev
    Diagram: Baal Sacrifice Altar
    Diagram: Building a Galilean Home
    Diagram: Chorazin
    Diagram: Chronology of Bible Times Set 2
    Diagram: Cistern of Masada
    Diagram: Destruction of the High Places
    Diagram: Flood in the Wadi
    Diagram: Galilee, Set 3
    Diagram: Galilee, Set 3
    Diagram: Galilee, Set 3
    Diagram: Hezekiah's Water Tunnel
    Diagram: Household Implements
    Diagram: Inside the Herodion
    Diagram: Israel
    Diagram: Jordan Valley from Belvoir
    Diagram: New Testament Chronology Set 3
    Diagram: Oasis of En Gedi
    Diagram: Panorama of the Temple at Arad
    Diagram: Quiet Waters in the Wilderness
    Diagram: Scenes from En Gedi
    Diagram: Scenes from the Theater
    Diagram: Sepphoris Birdona Hill
    Diagram: Sepphoris Theater
    Diagram: Storehouses of Masada
    Diagram: Synagogue of Chorazin
    Diagram: Synagogue of En Gedi
    Diagram: Synagogue of Gamla
    Diagram: Tel Arad
    Diagram: The Altar at Megiddo
    Diagram: Wall Blocking Cave at Megiddo
    Diagram: Wall Blocking Cave at Megiddo
    Diagram: The Cave of the Spring of Gihon
    Diagram: The Caves of Qumran
    Diagram: The Divided Kingdom
    Diagram: Water Shaft on Tel Megiddo
    Diagram: The Essene Water Tunnel
    Diagram: The First Temple at Jerusalem
    Diagram: The Fortress Masada
    Diagram: The Goddess Asherah
    Diagram: The Herodion's Pool
    Diagram: Herodion, Mountaintop Fortress
    Diagram: The Herodion Lower Palace
    Diagram: The High Places & Altar at Dan
    Diagram: Holy of Holies,Temple of Arad
    Diagram: Holy Places, Temple at Arad
    Diagram: The Judea Wilderness
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