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Diagram: Altar of Zeus at Pergumum

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    Diagram: Altar of Zeus at Pergumum
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    Diagram: Asia Minor Regions/Trade Routes
    Diagram: Athena Temple at Priene
    Diagram: Belvoir
    Diagram: Bethlehem/Herodian
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    Diagram: Capernaum
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    Diagram: Gamla
    Diagram: Gate Cutaway
    Diagram: Gymnasium at Sardis
    Diagram: Herod Family Tree
    Diagram: Herodian
    Diagram: Herod's Temple
    Diagram: Insula
    Diagram: Jerusalem Detail
    Diagram: Jerusalem Districts
    Diagram: Jerusalem of David/Solomon
    Diagram: Jerusalem Topography
    Diagram: Lachish
    Diagram: Masada
    Diagram: Megiddo
    Diagram: Olive Tree
    Diagram: Qumran
    Diagram: Religious Movements
    Diagram: Roman Empire
    Diagram: Synagogue
    Diagram: Synagogue 2
    Diagram: Tel
    Diagram: Temple at Arad
    Diagram: Temple at Jerusalem
    Diagram: Temple Courts
    Diagram: Temple Mount AD 70
    Diagram: Temple Mount Development
    Diagram: Theatre
    Diagram: Tzitzit
    Diagram: Zealot Movement
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